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ROBBIE Williams has flogged his luxury mansion six months after putting the country pile on the market – and taken a monster hit on the sale.

He purchased the pad for £8.1m in 2008 but it was for sale for ‘just’ £6.75m.

Tovább a cikkre: The Scottish Sun 2022.01.12

Robbie Williams has revealed he is still losing his hair despite spending thousands on treatments for baldness.

The singer, 47, had a hair transplant in 2013 and wanted to have another one in 2020 but was told his locks were too thin at that point for it to work.

Tovább a cikkre: Daily mail 2022.01.12

The Take That star has celebrated his beautiful wife Dawn.

Gary Barlow has wished his wife Dawn a happy 22nd wedding anniversary while throwing back to the first day they met.

Tovább a cikkre: Manchester evening 2022.01.13

The Queen’s approval was needed after Gary Barlow presented the plans for her Diamond Jubilee concert.

Tovább a cikkre: Woman and home 2022.01.12

Hétmillió angol fontot kér érte, de nem tolonganak a vevők.

A zenész-énekes luxuskastélya Wiltshire megyében található, 7 millió fontért dobta piacra tavaly szeptemberben.

Tovább a cikkre: Origo 2022.01.12

Robbie Williams is reportedly having trouble selling his £7 million country mansion because he refuses to lower the asking price.

Robbie Williams is reportedly having trouble selling his £7 million country house and is refusing to lower the asking price.

Tovább a cikkre: Nokia News 2022.01.10

GARY BARLOW took to Instagram to reveal that after returning from a family trip to the Maldives, his daughter Emily has headed off to university.

Tovább a cikkre: Express 2022.01.06

GARY BARLOW has responded to claims that his relationship with Simon Cowell is “complicated.”

Gary Barlow, 50, has addressed rumors about his “complicated” relationship with Simon Cowell, the X Factor host.

Tovább a cikkre: Brinkwire 2021.12.15

We’re sure it’s set to be a stellar performance…

With an incredible career spanning more than three decades, we’d be surprised if you haven’t heard the name Robbie Williams. His journey through music has seen him transform from a member of former boy band Take That, to go on and have an even bigger career as a solo artist.

Tovább a cikkre: 2021.12.15

'Walk The Line' star Gary Barlow has suggested his own talent show 'I'm With The Band' could return in 2022 and he has called for broadcaster to commission more music-based TV shows.

Tovább a cikkre: The List 2021.12.15

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